Make your own shoes

and enjoy the craftsmanship of

a personal Reinhard Frans shoe!


CUSTOMIZATION by Reinhard Frans

Make your own shoes and enjoy the craftsmanship of a personal Reinhard Frans shoe!

Besides our handmade ready-to-wear collection for just €150,-, we have so much more to offer!

Reinhard Frans gives you the opportunity to customize your unique pair of shoes.

Customizing is possible on the following features.

-     Lasts

-     Models

-     Type of leather

-     Soles


In the past twelve years Reinhard Frans developed fifteen different lasts you can choose from. These lasts vary in width, height of the instep and form. We offer beautiful lasts for feet with narrow widths, wide widths and different instep heights.


The model defines the look of our shoes. Some models have laces, some have buckles and others have brogue patterns or plain. To learn all the possibilities, we welcome you to one of our stores.

Type of leather

Reinhard Frans works with the finest calf leathers from tanneries in Italy, France and Belgium. Each part of the shoe has a specific type of leather that makes a Reinhard Frans shoe different from the rest of the shoes available on the market.

The leather is finished by hand. This means you can give the custom shoe a specific finish that has multiple colors, fading from dark to light, or give it a toning. In our stores you find seasonal leathers that can be used to make your own customized shoe. These change among the season and are exclusive.


Within our collection we offer two types of soles. Firstly we have our 5 mm leather sole made with the finest sole leather from Belgium and Germany. Secondly we have the all weather sole, partly leather partly rubber. Perfect for rainy days!!